Bookings are confirmed by the Agency ARCOBALENO only after receipt of the deposit equivalent to not less than 30% of the agreed sum for the whole letting period. The rent contract shows the type of apartment and the total agreed sum.

The agreed price includes: the lodging completely furnished provided with kitchenette, use of gas, warm and cold water, electricity, taxses, commissions and final cleaning. The expenses for minor maintenance will be charged to the Agency ARCOBALENO except they are to be charged directly to the guest in case of incorrect use of the renting property. The price does not include : sheets, table-cloths, napkins and linen, iron.

The lodging is available for occupation between 4. p.m. and 8.p.m. of the day of arrival and must be vacated at 09. a.m. of the day of departure. Previous agreements are required for arrivals and departures not includes in these periods. If the reserved premises are not occupied by the guest within 6. p.m. of the day after the agreed date, without prompt writing notifying, the Agency ARCOBALENO will consider the lodging vacant and the deposit will be retained. No refund is due in case of delayed arrival or earlier departure. Eventual refunds will be done per postal and to the order of the person that made the booking. The Agency ARCOBALENO will be consired valid only the communication of cancellation or booking change made per registered letter with return receipt. No names changes are admitted with bookings just carried out.

In order to occupy the premises, the guest must show to the Agency ARCOBALENO the day of arrival the rentcontract , all documents of the occupants and pay the agreed sum. Subletting and extra guests are forbidden. When non occasional extra guests occupy the apartment, the Agency ARCOBALENO has the right to withdraw the contract, except for any compensation it can claim. The guest who will give hospitality for more than 24h to persons not declared at the arrival day has to declare them immediatly to the Agency and show their documents. Shouldn’t he do this, eventual sanctions will be charged to the client.

The Agency ARCOBALENO require from the client at the arrival day a deposit of Euro100., for wich the agency give a regular receipt. The deposit will be giving back the day of departure by reconsigning the receipt, if there won’t have been domages in the aprtment and to the objects of the inventory. Eventual inventory differences will be recognized only if notified by the guest within 12. a.m. of the day after his arrival. The apartment must be reconsigned clean.

The Agency ARCOBALENO does not assume any responsibility for eventual missing objects and precious goods or money that the tenant has kept in the lodging, and for any domages that could eventual suffer the guests.

For a cancellation mode at least 30 days before the beginning of the occupation, the Agency ARCOBALENO will return 50% of the deposit. A cancellation advised however just before the occupation, frees the guest from all obbligations but with oss of the deposit.

The Agency ARCOBALENO can show the apartment to the other clients during occupation. General tenacy rules must be respected, especially quietness from 1. p.m. to 4. p.m. and from 12.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. Animals arenot allowed, unless otherwise agreed.

The Agency ARCOBALENO is not responsable for possible claims, in case that the client, who reserved through telephon, is not satisfied of the flat.